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More About Caitlin

Passionate About Healing - Mind, Body, Spirit

I've always felt called towards helping others heal and know it is my higher purpose in this life. I started as a registered nurse, working in one of the busiest hospitals in San Francisco, in 2005 after receiving my bachelor's of science in nursing. I was grateful to work as a RN for six years before going back to graduate school to become a nurse practitioner. I graduated in 2014 with a doctorate in nursing practice and began working as a family nurse practitioner in Seattle. I was able to not only use my medical training, but also tune into my intuitive knowings ("gut feelings") to guide patients towards greater health. 


Throughout this time, I struggled (and watched co-workers struggle) with living a holistically healthy life of my own. It was the ultimate irony, helping patients with health and wellness all day and having so much knowledge about health myself, only to come home feeling entirely drained and wonder what I was doing wrong. This ultimately provided me with one of my deepest realizations - how so many of us that know how to be healthy still aren't able to live a healthy and balanced life. 


Everything culminated when I was working at a urgent care in Seattle. I had a measly 15 minutes to see each patient. No time to meaningfully counsel them even about the basics, let alone assist them in creating a balanced, fulfilled life. Meanwhile, my own wellbeing continued to suffer under the stress of work and a lifestyle that only intermittently (if I'm being generous) prioritized my own health and wellness. It wasn't sustainable and I finally had enough. 


I sought out the tools to bring balance and authentic holistic wellness to myself and others. This included the basics - healthy food, hydration, physical movement, sleep, and healthy relationships - as well as giving attention to my emotional, psychological, and spiritual wellness. I delved deeper into natural remedies, such as herbalism and energy work, and further developed my medical intuitive abilities. I decided to use my own powerful experiences, knowledge, and gifts to serve "professional helpers" so they too could bring balance and authentic wellness back into their lives. 



Doctorate of Nursing Practice, 2014, University of Washington

Masters of Science in Nursing, 2013, University of Washington

Bachelors of Science in Nursing, 2005, University of Washington

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