Work With Me

Below I’ll share about how to work with me, but before we get there I want to make sure we’re a good fit!

People tend to work with me when they're:

- feeling physically + mentally drained, tired, fatigued

- feeling stuck + uninspired with their health

- feeling super low energy

- having difficulty with sleep, exercise, or food choices. 

- discouraged with western medicine

- uncomfortable in their body

- fed up with not having time for themselves + their health is suffering. 

Results are of course unique and dependent on the goals and intentions of each of my clients. That said, as a result of working with me, people often say they: 

- feel way more energetic!

- sleep well, eat well, and enjoy regular physical movement

- feel more comfortable in their body

- create more time for themselves

- engage more with their friends + families

- have a renewed sense of themselves

- generally enjoy life more! 


Our work together will start with a holistic medical intuitive session lasting 1-2 hours. Before we connect virtually, I will connect with your energy and then use my intuitive knowing to write down information that comes through. I perform a physical body scan and also scan your emotional, psychological, and spiritual "bodies" or energy.


We then connect either by phone or Skype, and I share the information that came through with you. More is often revealed in our exchange as well as we discuss and further explore together issues that have come up.

Our follow up work together consists of integrating this information into your life and lifestyle through regularly scheduled coaching sessions. Together, we will identify areas that you want to make changes, create goals, and then set you up for success to make those changes.


Always using my experience, expertise, and our intuition to guide us. Throughout our time together, we'll identify obstacles and make changes to get you what you want. It's about progress not perfection!

If you’re feeling a resonance and are ready to move forward, click the button below to review package options or to apply to work with me.