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ReWilding in Sedona


🌙 To return to a more wild or natural state; the process of undoing domestication 🌙

My ReWilding retreat in Sedona and the days since that time have been full of deep transmutation. Working with archetypal energies that are magnified in this season of eclipses allowed me to open and de-rubble parts of myself to bring me into greater alignment and authenticity. We healed and EMBODIED the Mother, the Lover, the Dark Goddess, and the Medicine Woman. We healed and welcomed in the Divine Masculine. There was movement, dancing, music, drumming, tears, anger, pain, vocalizations, and pure bliss, joy, and ecstasy. The sacred Feminine is alive and well and she is on the Rise! 🌙🙏🏽🌙

THANK YOU to the brave women who stepped up and dove in around me. Thank you @maleahjacobs for riding the wave with me there and back in Seattle and to @rajankrishnaswami for facilitating all the things. Thank you to Sabrina and the other women holding space from @rewildingforwomen for all the tender and strong support. Thank you Sedona for your powerful energy. And thank you to me for showing up!

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